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Database of APEC Architects

Chinese Taipei
Registration No. Name Date of Registration/Conferment Profile
CT00001CHEN,YIN-HOClick here
CT00002CHEN, SHAU-TSYHClick here
CT00003CHENG, I-PINGClick here
CT00004HSU, CHUNG-KUANGClick here
CT00005HSU,CHIEN-MEIClick here
CT00006LEE, SEN-ZONGClick here
CT00007LEE, HWA-SONGClick here
CT00008LIEN, FU-HSINClick here
CT00010LO, JUNG-YUANClick here
CT00011LEE, CHIN-LIANGClick here
CT00012CHEN, CHIN-LINGClick here
CT00013WU, KUN-HSINClick here
CT00014CHEN, SHENG-YENClick here
CT00015CHEN,TSE-HSIUClick here
CT00016HUANG, YU-LIANGClick here
CT00017HSUEH, CHAO-SHINClick here
CT00018CHEN, NAI-CHENClick here
CT00019TSAO, YUAN-LONClick here
CT00020YEH,TING-KUNClick here
CT00021TSAO, CHANG-SUIClick here
CT00022HANK, H.LIUClick here
CT00023CHANG,SHIH-HUNGClick here
CT00024MING YI-LANClick here
CT00025KUNG, SHU-CHANGClick here
CT00026CHANG,CHII-YUNGClick here
CT00027HUANG, MO-CHUNClick here
CT00028YAO, LU-MINGClick here
CT00029CHEN,HONG-MINGClick here
CT00030LIN,JYHE-SONGClick here
CT00031CHENG, MEIClick here
CT00032PHILIP T.C.FEIClick here
CT00033CHI, YEA-GEHClick here
CT00034CHEN, FON-TSEClick here
CT00035HSIEH, KUO-JENClick here
CT00036WANG, WEN-KAIClick here
CT00037CHANG, KUO-JENClick here
CT00038WANG, CHUN-MAOClick here
CT00039KUO, HUNG-LUANClick here
CT00040CHANG, CHUN-CHEClick here
CT00041LUO, KWO-CHYUNGClick here
CT00042KUO, SU-SHENGClick here
CT00043YU, TAI-SHENGClick here
CT00044CHEN, WENClick here
CT00045LAI, WAI-LEUNGClick here
CT00046HU, YUNG-FUClick here
CT00047CHANG, WEN-HSIUNGClick here
CT00048JOSHUA JIN PANClick here
CT00049YANG, HSIE-HSIANGClick here
CT00050LIN, HUI-CHINClick here
CT00052CHEN WEN-LUNGClick here
CT00054CHOU, YUNG-CHENGClick here
CT00055TSENG KUO-ENClick here
CT00056HUNG, LIEH-KUOClick here
CT00057HSING, HUA LOClick here
CT00058ERIC SAO-YUO HSUClick here
CT00059HUNG, LI-KUANGClick here
CT00060SHEU, CHERNG-RONGClick here
CT00061TENG, NANClick here
CT00062SHIH, PANG-HSINGClick here
CT00063WANG, SHOU-CHENGClick here
CT00064TSAO, CHANG-SHENClick here
CT00065TING, MAW-SHENGClick here
CT00066HUANG, WEN-CHIEHClick here
CT00067YANG, TIEN-CHUClick here
CT00068TSAI, MING-WENClick here
CT00069TSENG, CHEN-JUNGClick here
CT00070LO, MING CHEClick here
CT00071ONGG, TSU-MOClick here
CT00072FU, HONG-JENClick here
CT00073LEE, CHO-MINGClick here
CT00074VONG, JEE SHINClick here
CT00075CHENG, JONG-YUClick here
CT00076HU, JONE-HUIClick here
CT00077LIN, CHUN-YUNGClick here
CT00078KUO, LONG-DEClick here
CT00079HUANG, HUNG-HUIClick here
CT00080CHIEN, CHUN-CHINGClick here
CT00081HWANG, HONG-MINGClick here
CT00082CHANG, WEN-HSIENClick here
CT00083CHEN, HUNG-TIENClick here
CT00084LIN, MIN-ERHClick here
CT00085HSU, CHIA-CHANGClick here
CT00086CHEN, SZE-JUNGClick here
CT00087CHENG,CHUN-POClick here
CT00088TAI,YU-TSEClick here
CT00089HSU, MING-YANGClick here
CT00090LIN, WEN-CHENGClick here
CT00091CHANG, KUO-CHANGClick here
CT00092TSENG, CHUNG-YUClick here
CT00093HO, JEN-CHUNClick here
CT00094LIN, FANG-CHENGClick here
CT00095LI, YI-JUNGClick here
CT00096WANG, CHIN-YUClick here
CT00097TSAO, SHU-SHENGClick here
CT00098LIU, WEN-TAIClick here
CT00099CHEN, JONG-JHYClick here
CT00100WANG, MIN-TSUNGClick here
CT00101SU, MAO-PINClick here
CT00102CHEN, WEI-KAIClick here
CT00103LIU, KUO-LUNGClick here
CT00104WANG, MING-HUNGClick here
CT00105SUN, WEN-YUClick here
CT00106LIN, WEI-YUClick here