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Database of APEC Architects

People’s Republic of China
Registration No. Name Date of Registration/Conferment Profile
CN000001DING JIANClick here
CN000002YU ZHENGLUNClick here
CN000003MA LIDONGClick here
CN000004MA GUOXINClick here
CN000005MA ZHENCONGClick here
CN000006YIN BINGClick here
CN000007WANG XIAODONGClick here
CN000008WANG WENSHENGClick here
CN000010WANG SHAOSENClick here
CN000011WANG HONGLIClick here
CN000012WANG ZHENJUNClick here
CN000013WANG SHUGUANGClick here
CN000014YE QINGClick here
CN000015ZUO YULANGClick here
CN000016SHEN ZUOWEIClick here
CN000017REN LIZHIClick here
CN000019REN MINGClick here
CN000019GUAN ZHAOYEClick here
CN000020LIU LIClick here
CN000021LIU JUNClick here
CN000022LIU KELIANGClick here
CN000023LIU JIAKUNClick here
CN000024LIU XUClick here
CN000025LIU JINGLIANGClick here
CN000026LIU YANHUIClick here
CN00027SUN YIMINClick here
CN000028SUN ZONGLIEClick here
CN000029ZHUANG WEIMINClick here
CN000030ZHU XIAODIClick here
CN000031TANG HUAClick here
CN000032QI BINClick here
CN000033XU YINGXINClick here
CN000034QI KANGClick here
CN000035HE YURUClick here
CN000036HE JINGTANGClick here
CN000037WU LIANGYONGClick here
CN000038ZHANG YUClick here
CN000039ZHANG YUClick here
CN000040ZHANG LUOXIANClick here
CN000039ZHANG LIClick here
CN000041ZHANG QIClick here
CN000042ZHANG JINQIUClick here
CN000043ZHANG PENGJUClick here
CN000044SHI KUANGClick here
CN000045LI XINGGANGClick here
CN000099LI JUNClick here
CN000046LI BINGQIClick here
CN000047LI DAOZENGClick here
CN000048YANG YEClick here
CN000049YANG YINGClick here
CN000050WANG XIAO'ANClick here
CN000051WANG HENGClick here
CN000052SHEN DIClick here
CN000053SHAO WEIPINGClick here
CN000098CHEN GUOLIANGClick here
CN000054CHEN XIONGClick here
CN000055ZHOU CHANGClick here
CN000057MENG JIANMINClick here
CN000058HU SHAOXUEClick here
CN000059HU YUEClick here
CN000060ZHAO YUANCHAOClick here
CN000061ZHAO GUANQIANClick here
CN000062NI YANGClick here
CN000063TANG YU'ENClick here
CN000064XU WEIClick here
CN000065XU WEIPINGClick here
CN000066XU FENGClick here
CN000067CHAI PEIYIClick here
CN000068GUI XUEWENClick here
CN000069GUO WEIBINGClick here
CN000070GUO MINGZHUOClick here
CN000071QIAN FANGClick here
CN000072QIAN PINGClick here
CN000073TAO ZHIClick here
CN000074GU JUNClick here
CN000075CUI KAIClick here
CN000076CAO LIANGGONGClick here
CN000077CAO XIAOXINClick here
CN000078CAO YUEJINClick here
CN000079CAO JIAMINGClick here
CN000080MEI HONGYUANClick here
CN000081HUANG HANMINClick here
CN000082HUANG XINGYUANClick here
CN000083HUANG XIQIUClick here
CN000084FU SHAOHUIClick here
CN000085ZENG QUNClick here
CN000086CHENG TAININGClick here
CN000087DONG DANSHENClick here
CN000088DONG MINGClick here
CN000089JIANG BONINGClick here
CN000090JIANG PEIMINGClick here
CN000092HAN DONGQINGClick here
CN000093HAN YUBINClick here
CN000094JIN RUIJUNClick here
CN000095XUE MINGClick here
CN000096DAI ZHIZHONGClick here
CN000097WEI DUNSHANClick here
CN000100YUE XINClick here
CN000101LU QIANGClick here
CN000102LI NINGClick here
CN000103ZHU JIANSONGClick here
CN000104HAO WEIDONGClick here
CN000105WU WENHAOClick here
CN000106ZHANG NANNINGClick here
CN000107YANG YANWENClick here
CN000108ZHENG QIHAOClick here
CN000109HE JIANClick here
CN000110MA GUOYOUClick here
CN000111OU NINGClick here
CN000112GU YANClick here
CN000113SUN ZHAOJIEClick here
CN000114CAO HUIClick here
CN000115YAN ZHENGYIClick here
CN000116DONG XIAOLONGClick here
CN000117WANG YANZHIClick here
CN000118DU XIAOGUANGClick here
CN000119LIU YEClick here
CN000120KONG LINTAOClick here
CN000121LI WEIClick here
CN000122HUANG CHUNFENGClick here
CN000124REN XIClick here
CN000125PAN RONGJIANGClick here
CN000126BI GONGHUAClick here
CN000127TANG WENSHENGClick here
CN000128SUN DANRONGClick here
CN000129CHEN YIFENGClick here