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The culmination of the APEC Architect Project is when participating economies enter into bilateral or multi-lateral Mutual Recognition Agreements establishing specific procedures for APEC Architects to seek registration as an architect in a host economy. Typically these agreements are based on the following:

  • The two (or more) participating economies agree to accept in good faith each others judgement that its APEC Architects are senior experienced practitioners who are competent and have the generic knowledge and skills required to practice architecture safely at a senior level.
  • The two (or more) participating economies agree that when they receive an application for registration from an APEC Architect from the other participating economies. any registration assessment of that architect will cover only those aspects of the architectural process in the host economy that are unique to that economy. and nothing else.

Bilaterals can also be negotiated with other requirements, such as requiring APEC Architects being registered in a host economy to have a relationship with a local practice.

Australia, Canada and New Zealand, 2015

Chinese Taipei and New Zealand, 2012

Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, 2010

Japan and New Zealand, 2009

Japan and Australia, 2008

Chinese Taipei and Australia, 2007