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Database of APEC Architects

Republic of Korea
Registration No. Name Date of Registration/Conferment Profile
KR00006KIM, HYUN CHULClick here
KR00010SHEEN, DONG JAEClick here
KR00012SEO, JONG DALClick here
KR00014YI, GWAN PYOClick here
KR00015CHO, IK SOOClick here
KR00016YI, KUN CHANGClick here
KR00019HA, MAN JOONClick here
KR00020HWANG, YOUNG NANClick here
KR00021LEE, YOUNG HEEClick here
KR00023SEO, YOUNG CHULClick here
KR00025KIM, SUNG MINClick here
KR00028SHIM, JAE HOClick here
KR00033EUN, DONG SHINClick here
KR00034KIM, NAM JUNGClick here
KR00046KIM, IN KYUClick here
KR00052LEE, JOO HOONClick here
KR00057KANG, BYUNG ROKClick here
KR00059SHIN, EON HARKClick here
KR00062KIM, DONG SOOLClick here
KR00067LEE, YONG KWANClick here
KR00073JONG, SANG SUNClick here
KR00081KIM, NAM SOOClick here
KR00085LEE, YONG HEUMClick here
KR00087AHN, JU HOClick here
KR00089LEE, DONG HYUNClick here
KR00093CHOI, JONG INClick here
KR00094KIM, CHI JUNClick here
KR00098CHO, YEON JUNClick here
KR00103YOON, SE HANClick here
KR00116YANG, WAN SUKClick here
KR00117KIM, IN SOClick here
KR00118CHO, I JAE INClick here
KR00119OH, SE MUKClick here
KR00120YANG, YOUNG CHULClick here
KR00127LEE, TAEK BUNGClick here
KR00130LEE, HONG SIGClick here
KR00137LIM, JIN WOOClick here
KR00140PARK, GEUM HOClick here
KR00142YUN, SU HYEONClick here
KR00143OH, BONG SEOKClick here
KR00145JANG, HYUN SOOClick here
KR00147OH, YOUNG WOONGClick here
KR00155LEE, SANG LEEMClick here
KR00158PARK, CHANG KWONClick here
KR00172PARK, DAE WONClick here
KR00182YOON, CHUL JOONClick here
KR00190KIM, HYO ILClick here
KR00194LEE, CHOUL HOClick here
KR00195KIM, SANG KYUNGClick here
KR00202JOO, KWAN JONGClick here
KR00205GONG, JEONG SEOPClick here
KR00206LEE, SANG SEOLClick here
KR00210KWON, SEONG PHYOClick here
KR00213LEE, SANG YOUNGClick here
KR00221LEE, SANG HOClick here
KR00223CHO, CHANG GONClick here
KR00235JANG, HYUN SOOKClick here
KR00237CHOI, KI CHEOLClick here
KR00238HAN, NAM SOOClick here
KR00244KIM, DONG GYUClick here
KR00244CHOI, DOO HOClick here
KR00256DO, DAE HYUNClick here
KR00261JANG, YEON CHULClick here
KR00262YOO, BYOUNG HUNClick here
KR00263CHO, IN SOUKClick here
KR00264YANG, MIN SUClick here
KR00265HWANG, GIL YOENClick here
KR00266KANG, KYE SUKClick here
KR00270RYU, BO YOUNGClick here
KR00275CHO, DO YEUNClick here
KR00276LEE, CHANG SUPClick here
KR00283CHO, WON YONGClick here
KR00284SHIN, YOUNG CHEONClick here
KR00286WOO, JEE HWANClick here
KR00296OH, SEOM HOONClick here
KR00299KIM, HYE RANClick here
KR00300JOO, YOUNG JUNGClick here
KR00307KIM, TAE HOClick here
KR00308HA, HEA JINClick here
KR00311JEONG,MI SUKClick here
KR00313KIM, MOON YEOLClick here
KR00314LEE, MAN CHOOLClick here
KR00315SON, MIN CHANGClick here
KR00316JUN, SIN KYOOClick here
KR00317HAN, JANG SOOClick here
KR00318KIM, KANG SUClick here
KR00325JOO, BYOUNG JOClick here
KR00326KIM, HEE CHANGClick here
KR00327KANG, CHEOL KUClick here
KR00339CHOI, CHANG SEOPClick here
KR00343KIM, SANG JINClick here
KR00344PARK, NAM JAEClick here
KR00351KWON, GI JAEClick here
KR00353KIM, DONG HOONClick here
KR00357PARK, DO KWONClick here
KR00363KIM, IN BAEClick here
KR00366SON, EUN CHAEClick here
KR00372BYUN, HEE HYUBClick here
KR00373KIM, EUN HAClick here
KR00374LEE, JIN HEEClick here
KR00375JEONG, SU ILClick here
KR00380PARK, JONG SUKClick here
KR00382HWANG, JAE WONClick here
KR00384CHUN, SEONG HOClick here
KR00385MA, YOUNG JUNClick here
KR00386KIM, JAE WOONGClick here
KR00391LIM, BONG SIKClick here
KR00393LEE, PIL SOONClick here
KR00397LEE, GIL HWANClick here
KR00399SHIN, JAE GWANClick here
KR00402HWANG, YONG GILClick here
KR00403OH, CHAE JUNClick here
KR00404JUNG, SUNG GYUClick here
KR00405AN, GIL JEONClick here
KR00406CHOI, BO EUNClick here
KR00408JANG, HYUN SUClick here
KR00410KIM, TAE MYUNGClick here
KR00413KIM, YONG HANClick here
KR00417AN, SEONG SEOBClick here
KR00421CHO, YOUNG DONClick here
KR00422JUNG, KYUNG SUNClick here
KR00423CHAE, SU JOClick here
KR00425HAN, CHEOL WOOKClick here
KR00426GWAK, WOO YOUNGClick here
KR00430PARK, JUN UClick here
KR00432HONG, WAN KIClick here
KR00434KIM, YOUNG JONGClick here
KR00433KIM, SEOKClick here
KR00435LEE, SEUNG HYUNClick here
KR00436KIM, KYU RINClick here
KR00437AHN, CHANG SUClick here
KR00438PARK, JUN YOUNGClick here
KR00439KIM, TAE HWANClick here
KR00440JEONG, GWANG ILClick here
KR00441KIM, YOUNG ILClick here
KR00442SUNG, KEON KYUNGClick here
KR00443KIM, JIN HANClick here
KR00444KIM, DO HYUNClick here
KR00445JANG, JUN SUClick here
KR00446KIM, MYUNG JINClick here
KR00447HWANG, LIM KYUClick here
KR00448LEE, YOUNG CHULClick here
KR00449KIM, JONG YUNClick here
KR00450KIM, IL DAEClick here
KR00451CHO, HAN MOOClick here
KR00452KIM, JONG TAEClick here