Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Monitoring Committees

Monitoring Committees

As part of the APEC Architect Framework, monitoring committees carry out administrative functions for the project within participating economies. Monitoring committees do this on the basis of delegated authority from the APEC Architect Project Central Council.

Monitoring committees do the following:

  • Undertake assessments to determine whether applicants meet the required standard and therefore shall be admitted to the Register as APEC Architects
  • Operate the APEC Architect Register within each economy
  • Where appropriate. facilitate with relevant registration authorities bilateral or multilateral arrangements to allow APEC Architects to seek registration in other participating host economies
  • Contribute to the APEC Architect Project as a whole via Central Council
  • Make public information about the APEC Architect Project.

Assessment of Candidates for Registration

For an Architect to be admitted to the APEC Architect Register, the monitoring committee in the economy where the architect resides must:

  • Authenticate the applicants architectural education and practical experience and certify it as satisfying the APEC Architect criteria
  • Evaluate the seven-year period of professional experience as a registered / licensed practitioner required in order to be an APEC Architect.

Monitoring committees also have a duty to confirm that their APEC Architects continue to be registered / licensed as architects in their home economies. In addition, monitoring committees must advise Central Council if the standards of architectural education in their home economies changes in such a way as to be materially at odds with the APEC Architect standard.

APEC Architect Register

The central duty of each monitoring committee is to establish and maintain its section of the online APEC Architect Register. Each section records the APEC Architects in that economy. Once an architect qualifies as an APEC Architect his or her name is recorded on the register.


Monitoring committees are empowered to facilitate voluntary arrangements between participating economies that allow for fast-track cross border registrations / licensing of APEC Architects. These arrangements have to be made by the registration I licensing authorities of participating economies. More information on this is available here.

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